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Sling & Hoists

 Grade 80 chains are used in many lifting operations and are preferred were the demands on ruggedness and flexibility are high, But) they are heavy' and they still are only as strong as the 'weakest link', Because of that) CONSISTANT quality is of utmost importance.

Our chain components are manufactured under a ISO 9002 Quality System (SGS)! meet European Specification EN 1677) and bear the mark H91 which is issued by the German Iron and Steel Safety Bureau (except links and sub assemblies), The alloy chain we used is made by either JDT Theile in Germany (H3 mark) or by Columbus McKinnon, Furthermore: WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL, We come to you and will do the inspections' at your plant if you wish so, We do the repairs) we do ACTUAL proof testing) and we recertify used chain slings", not only ours but others brands as well. A wire rope sling is only as good as its end termination, To produce a safe and reliable wire rope sling involves more than just 'having a press'.; a length of wire rope and fittings, Since 1960 Unirope has manufactured wire rope liftinl;l slings", and

we are proud to have an impeccable safety record, Our testing equipment is certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping and is traceable to ASTM E4, Unirope slings meet local and international performance standards) like OHSA) DIN) ISO, Choose from many of our standard sling styles) or let us custom design a sling to fit your application.

Through out industrial plants) in utility companies) in entertainment rigging) in the pipeline industry) and on construction sites) riggers have a need for soft slings that can lift material and equipment without damage to the load, For nearly 30 years Unirope® has been producing slings made from textile material) such as our well known Uni-Web® Nylon flat web slings. 

Today Unirope produces slings from a wide variety of fibers including Polyester) Aramid) Spectra®) and K-Spec) which result in sling capacities up to 300 tons! And) the development and introduction of High Performance Twin-Path® Lifting Slings had finally turned the rigging world on its ear. Our sling products meet ASTM B30,9 and any local safety regulation throughout Canada. Unirope's testing equipment is certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping and is traceable to ASTM E4, Unirope is an ISO 9001 certified company. If you can't find a wire rope sling or wire mesh sling give us a call today!