Workstation Cranes

Workstation Bridge Cranes

Workstation Bridge Cranes

Workstation Bridge Cranes Enclosed Track Free Standing (Stand Alone) Workstation Bridge Cranes. Enclosed track workstation bridge cranes are offered in either stand alone workstation bridge crane kits, also known as free standing workstation bridge cranes, or ceiling mounted work station crane kits.

Features Enclosed track workstation bridge crane systems are pre-engineered modular and infinitely expandable, reduce vertical space and support requirements, and are ergonomically designed with a 100 to 1 productivity ratio and utilize a self cleaning V-profile design which maintains alignment of end trucks and trolleys. Bridge cranes have large diameter polyamide wheels, which are extremely free rolling (steel wheels optional), with steel guide rollers to prevent end trucks from racking or binding..

Easy, ergonomic movement

An operator pushing a 1000 lb. load will experience a force of approximately 10 lb. to begin moving the load and 8 lb. to continue moving the load (100 to 1 ratio). Manual cranes also operate more quickly than motorized cranes, making a workstation bridge crane ideal for fast paced work environments.

Equipment Customization

We specialize in customized crane design to meet any specific requirements. With a capable engineering department, we can customize any standard product or bridge crane or design a system from the ground up. From 2-D layouts to complete solid models, we can create a custom enclosed track workstation bridge crane system design in a timely manner. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is utilized to assure that all custom designs meet the highest standards of safety. We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions to customer’s material handling needs.

Enclosed Track Ceiling Mounted

In addition to the usual customizations for special heights, spans, and lengths on a bridge crane, we can specially design power drives for many models of our enclosed track workstation bridge crane systems. Special mounting needs can also be met with custom design. Workstation bridge crane systems can be equipped with lighter weight ALU-TRACK® bridges. The possibilities are unlimited-we can design to meet your needs!

Design Factor

Nameplate bridge capacity represents the rated load on the hoist hook. The load rating of a hoist shall not exceed the bridge rating. Our design includes an allowance of 15% of nameplate capacity for dead weight of the trolley and hoist. An additional allowance of 25% of nameplate capacity is also included for impact. Service Factor Workstation bridge cranes are designed for “heavy service (with standard air hoists or electric hoists) as defined by the Monorail Manufacturer’s Association (MMA) as defined:

- Consult factory for usage other than moderate and all instances of high cycle rates or high impact applications such as high-speed air or electric hoists, vacuum lifters, or magnets. Factory MUST approve ALL such applications.
- Applications involving vacuums, magnets, or other high impact lifters are considered severe usage (continuous service) and require special design considerations. Please contact factory for special design pricing.
- System or equipment is used where operational time is less than 50% of work period and lifted load is greater than 50% of rated capacity.
- System or equipment is used where operational time is up to 100% of the work period and lifted load is at 50% or below rated capacity.

Enclosed Track Free Standing (Stand Alone) Work Station Bridge Cranes

Stand alone Crane

System Options

Telescoping bridges and cantilevered bridges are standard optional features for workstations. Telescoping bridges provide extended reach to areas beyond a column, under mezzanines or shelving, into a neighboring workstation, or into a specific area/opening that requires coverage. One or both ends of a bridge crane can be cantilevered in order to cover a wider area when runways are limited.


Anti kick up rollers on both the telescoping bridge and cantilevered bridge prevent binding ensuring smooth movement. Telescope distance can range up to nearly half of the main bridge span. We upsize the main bridge on telescoping systems to maintain design and safety factors. Cantilevered bridges can utilize an extension of the plain track.


If cantilevered bridges require extra distance, a fully trussed bridge design can satisfy the requirements. For specific applications, consult us for an engineered solution. When it comes to bridge cranes let us be your supplier of choice.

Telescoping System


Cantilevered Bridges


Trussed Cantilevered System